Daily Food for Your Soul: Must-Read Books

According to science, human bodies need energy to keep going. So people eat a wide variety of food which the body then converts into the energy that we need. In short, this process explains that if there’s no food, then there’s no energy. Without energy, everyone cannot take action or move forward. This phenomenon mirrors exactly the spiritual reality. The soul run on energy as well, but this energy is not something regular food can provide.

Matthew 4:4 reveals, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Only God can provide the soul food: God’s promises. Hopeful promises are true soul food. It is the hope that will sustain everybody eternally. His Words nourishes the soul, but it’s up to you to read and meditate on it. Your spirit will receive nourishment the moment a scripture hits you right between the eyes. And if promises are soul food and hope is soul energy, then faith is how the soul eats and digests.

Learn to prize God’s word above everything else! Remember that the forces of life are in your spirit. God’s life, character, and nature are deposited in your soul. And as you feed on the Word—through meditation and reading—you get to bring out these divine qualities from your spirit. Constant reading to soul-enriching books are extremely helpful to push you forward every step of your journey to life. These soul-stirring works will fill you with wisdom, healing, mindfulness, meaning, and the nourishment your soul desperately needs. So eat the glory of God through these amazing works.

Colossians Verse By Verse

Colossians Verse By Verse is filled with poignant insights from Dr. Jack Hetzel, a writer, minister, and army veteran. His wisdom lessons encourages every Christian to lead godly lives and to never turn away from Jesus.  The book came to be when Dr. Jack Hetzel was struck with the message of the Epistle to the Colossians. The author dissects the Epistle verse by verse to emphasize Jesus’ preeminence, sufficiency in all things, authority over all evil, and Christians’ unity with the Risen Christ. Grow in faith and appreciation of the Bible through the Colossians by Jack Hetzel. Keep this book within reach to get your daily dose of nourishment.

The Good Life

Dr. Derwin L. Gray takes you on an exploration to what true happiness means. The Good Life removes the common notion of what true happiness is and puts light the authentic and only meaning of happiness: it is life lived with Jesus. The author examines every aspect of your life to discover the right path for you towards happiness. The Good Life features Jesus’ teachings and the power of embracing the Beatitudes found in the book of Matthew. This book contains a solid message that is refreshingly honest and carefully researched. Dr. Gray unpacks the words of Christ to everlasting fulfillment and nourishment. So find your own version of true happiness among the daily hustle with The Good Life.

Devoted to God

Devoted to God is a brilliant short-read by writer and minister, Sinclair Ferguson.  This book may be overwhelming for new Christians but challenging for the most seasoned ones. With a mix of deep knowledge and examination of the Scripture, Ferguson will transform you by renewing your mind. The author will lead you to a deeper understanding of the Christian relationship to God’s law. His grasp of biblical literature will provide the necessary instruction and motivation to your desire to become more like Christ. If you desire to grow more and more with God and feed your soul, then this book is recommended. Dig deep into the key texts of the Scripture with Devoted to God.

Morning and Evening

Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening is a devotional containing 732 devotions, one for every morning and evening of the year. The book provides an inspiring meditations on portions of Scripture drawn from every book of the Bible. This will certainly make you think deeply about life and where you’re headed. The devotions found in the book are convicting leaving you in awe with how Charles Spurgeon used God’s Word. Each segment is challenging but also brings hope and comfort too. A great contrasts for daily reading. The book delivers encouragement and expansion on the Word of the Lord in real world terms that any Christian can understand. Morning and Evening is an essential book to your daily walk with Jesus Christ.

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